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HR Support

Offering Impartial Support

Dealing with employee problems can be difficult and stressful for both parties. We offer impartial support which aims to come to the best resolution for those involved. Whilst we act on behalf of your organisation and keep a keen eye on ensuring its success we aim to maintain a neutral and impartial perspective on the problem at hand.

If you operate in a small company it sometimes is difficult to ensure there is sufficient impartiality in carrying out a disciplinary process and protecting the employer from a claim to an Employment Tribunal. We can offer impartial support in advising on how an investigation should be handled and supporting you by carrying out the disciplinary meetings.

One of the many benefits of having an outsourced HR function is that it offers a degree of separation from your employees. An outsourced HR function also operates across different businesses and is able to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table on how to handle a range of employment issues to ensure fairness and consistency in the application of your policies and procedures.