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What we do

Specialist help just when you need it

We are here to give you specialist advice on all the aspects covering the employment of people from the day they start with you, right through their development and career progression, all the way to the end of the employment relationship (and sometimes beyond)

Outsourced HR Services

Some of the aspects of specialist advice we can offer in our outsourced HR services include:-

TUPE advice – If you are acquiring or selling a business we can provide specialist advice on your liability in managing the transfer of employees in or out of your employment.

Performance management – you want to get the most out of your employees we can support you in identifying your business objectives and translating these into meaningful targets for your employees

Absence management – poor attendance of employees is costly and can affect the productivity or service delivery in small businesses.  We can help support you in putting effective absence management procedures in place which will improve attendance and the wellbeing of your employees.

Restructuring – if you need to restructure your organisation we can give you advice on the best ways to do that and any legal requirements in relation to changing contractual arrangements and redundancy.

Case management – if you have a specific issue affecting an individual or group of employees we can provide advice and support on how to resolve it.