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Why should you have a HR audit?

Many clients often want me to a specific piece of work such as prepare a contract of employment or an employee handbook.   However I always start with a HR audit, which covers a number of areas to enable me to understand their business, their current HR provision and their future plans for the company. A HR audit enables me to establish their current level of compliance in regard to employment legislation, e.g. If the contract of employment meets the requirements of the written statement of particulars within the Employment Rights Act 1996. Secondly, a HR audit enables me to investigate […]

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Question 5 – The five most common HR questions we’re asked.

This is the last in our 5 part series of the most common questions we’re asked. We do hope that you’ve found it useful. I have an employee who is not working out but I don’t want to go through capability disciplinary as it takes too long. Is there a way to end their employment? Assuming the employee has a length of service over 2 years, which ensures that they have the qualifying service to make a claim of unfair dismissal the best way to end the employment relationship is through a settlement agreement (previously known as a compromise agreement). […]

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