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Question 2- The five most common HR questions we’re asked.

Welcome to our second post in our series about the common HR questions we’re asked. Today’s question is: I am taking on my first employee what do I need to do? Depending on where you are in the process of taking on a new employee will depend on what you need to do. At ADD HR Solutions we will advise to consider what the employee will be doing, this will help build up a picture of the tasks they are going to carry out (job description) the knowledge, skills and attitude required to carry out the job (person specification) and […]

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Thinking of taking on a new employee? 5 tips for an effective recruitment and selection process

Taking on your first employee can be daunting for a small business and the following 5 tips may help you in preparing for the next stage in business growth. 1. Get the basics in place – prior to employing someone give some time to consider what you want your employee to do. You also need to think about the skills and experience you want the individual to possess; this may include how you want them to represent your business. This process will enable you to develop a job description and person specification and allow you to assess the potential candidates […]

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