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Archive for July 2015

5 Reasons for Having Good Human Resource Management

My 5 top reasons for having good human resource management (HRM) 1. It costs less Good human resource management ensures you are compliant with employment legislation so reducing the risk of costly litigation should you have an employee dispute. However, there are considerable reductions in cost if managers have clear policies and procedures by which they can make fair and consistent decisions about employees. It saves their time and does not contribute to high stress levels amongst your management team. 2. It increases employee productivity Recent studies have indicated that employees are more likely to be productive if they are […]

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What is HR and why does it matter?

HR – What it is and why does it matter? HR stands for Human Resources, and is the department in an organisation that is concerned with obtaining the right people at the right price at the right time for the right place. But this is perhaps a little over simplistic and in my experience HR tends to have a role in the majority of organisational activity. It may seem trite to say that our people are our greatest asset, but organisations could not function without its people; people make all the difference to the products manufactured or the customer experience […]

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