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Archive for March 2014

TUPE or not to TUPE

When a business transfers its undertaking from one organisation to another such as selling one business to another, insourcing or outsourcing a business activity, change in provider of a service then the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 may apply. These Regulations provide that any employees assigned to the undertaking should transfer from the organisation losing the work (the transferor) to the organisation gaining the work (the transferee) with their terms and conditions of employment intact and with full continuity of employment. There are a number of reasons why an employer may want to dismiss employees within the […]

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Tips for handling disciplinary interviews

Disciplinary interviews can be stressful situations for both parties and using the following tips can ensure they run smoothly:- 1. Prepare beforehand – make sure you have all the facts of the case and prepare a set of questions you want to ask the employee. Similarly, when an employee is prepared the meeting can be less emotionally fraught. It is helpful to provide guidance to the employee beforehand on how the meeting will be conducted and how they should prepare for it. This becomes more important in the case of gross misconduct where an employee may be suspended and their […]

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